On this page you can see statements and correspondence between me and particular brands I contacted.

Kinvara Natural Skincare:

My questions:

1. Do you test finished products on animals? And if not do you have any certificate? 
2. Does anyone test on your behalf? 
3. Are suppliers of raw ingredients fully cruelty free and do they have any certificate about it? 
4. Do you sell in countries where animal testing is required by law?


Thank you for getting in touch and expressing your concerns.
We do not use anything ingredients that are sourced from animals.
We are vegan friendly and cruelty free.
I just can’t put this brand on cruelty free list because this answer is not complete. I didn’t get answers on all of my questions. It feels like they wanted to tell me only certain things. In reality this is shady.

Rush Organics:

Here are the questions I asked:
1. Is finished product tested on animals?
2. Are ingredients tested on animals?
3. Do you check your suppliers if they are cruelty free?
4. Do you sell in countries where animal testing is required by law?
5. Do you have any certifications? ( for example leaping Bunny, Peta or so)
6. Are all your products vegan? If not, could you give me a list of 100% vegan products?
Here are the answers:
1. None of our products are tested on animals.
2. None of the ingredients used are tested on animals.
3. We only use cruelty free ingredients.
4. I sell in the UK and EU.
5. I do not have any certifications yet however I am waiting for my leaping bunny and vegan society and PETA applications to be accepted.
6. All of our products are now vegan, using vegan alternatives such as; agave honey for our sweet nectar bar.
Dealing with Rush Organics was quick, easy, everything fits in the place.

VE Cosmetics:

Hi Bellah,

I can confirm the following statements are true and correct:
1. I do not test finished products nor ingredients on animals .
2. My suppliers do not conduct animal testing at all.
3. I do not sell in countries that require animal testing by law.
VE Cosmetics are Peta registered as Vegan and Cruelty Free.
Everything Produced is Vegan, we are a 100% vegan brand as Im vegan and I wouldn’t produce anything that didn’t sit in with my morals.
I asked VE Cosmetic to confirm their statements and they did it very quickly. This brand is also cutting back on palm oil use.Their website says everything also and I am happy to put them on my CF list.

Nature’s Aid:


Dear Ms Nemetona 

Thank you for your enquiry.  We do not test any of our products on animals and where possible, products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  Our website provides information on each product including whether it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  As we are limited for space on our packaging and have to limit the information displayed, we do not display the leaping bunny logo but we do display the vegan symbol where applicable.  Unfortunately we do not ship to mainland China.   

Kind regards

Sarah Killon

Customer Care Advisor


Thank you Ms. Killon,

I have few more questions.Do you check suppliers of raw materials? Are they cruelty free also?

And if you do not test at any stage of making products, does any third party test for you?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards

Bellah N.


Dear Ms Nemetona

We do not use any suppliers who test their products on animals and we do not have any third party testing our products so we can confirm that at no stage have any of our products been tested on animals.  I hope this answers your query.

Kind regards

Sarah Killon

Customer Care Advisor


  Their reply came very next day. Things seem to be ok, but I’m not happy with their statement of not having enough room on the label. I see their products around and there is definetly enough room. I can’t take this as a proper answer and they stay in the waiting are on my list for now.


Saaf skincare:

Dear Bellah,


Many thanks for your enquiry and interest in the Saaf Pure Organic Skincare range. We do not sell our products in China and the brand is fully certified by Cruelty Free International. We are also accredited as organic by the UK’s Soil Association and all our products are certified Vegetarian by the Vegetarian Society. Our oils & serums are also accredited by the Vegan Society – our balms are not because they contain Organic Beeswax.


I do hope you find this information helpful but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Very best wishes, Jo at Saaf Skincare


I read a lot about Saaf and I think I can trust them. They’ve been very quick with reply and they are certified as you can read. 



Concrete minerals:

Hi Bellah!


Thanks so much for getting in touch, I’m glad you asked! The line is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, certified by both PETA and the Leaping Bunny program. You can also find more info about us here: www.concreteminerals.com/pages/about


We do not currently have any retailers in Mainland China due to the country’s animal testing requirements, however we do have a great retailer in Hong Kong!


Hope that helps! Just let us know if you have any other questions :)


All the best,

Emily DeLapp


I fully trust this brand . Hong Kong doesn’t have animal testing in law, so stay calm!

Holos cosmetics :

Hello, I’d like to ask if your products or any parts of them are tested on animals or not. And what sort of glycerine do you use in your products, is it vegetable glycerine or animal glycerine? It is very important for me to know.

Thank you for any answer.


Hi there.

We do not test on animals and neither do our suppliers.  We use no animal products/bi products at all. Glycerine is vegetable derived.


Hope that helps.


X Niamh


( It’s about year later and I am asking aditional informations.)


Hello Holos,
I would be grateful if you can answer my questios :
Do you sell your products to mainland China?
And can you please assure me that Holos is still cruelty free company?
Are all your product vegan?
Are you thinking of getting Leaping Bunny certified?
Thank you very much.



Hi Bellah


Thanks for your mail

You can buy products online and we will ship to China. We are still (and always will be) cruelty free. All products are vegan. We will look at getting the leaping bunny symbol later when we are more global. It is popular in USA but not in Europe but it is in our plans.


Hope this helps




Just remind you,online selling in to China does not require animal testing.



Buldog (skin care for men)

Bulldog was recently bought by Edgewell Personal Care which is  NOT cruelty free company !!! There is a question if Bulldog will stay cruelty free or not.

Hi Bellah,

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch with us.

It’s great to hear you’re a fan of our moisturiser.

I’m happy to confirm that all Bulldog products are suitable for vegans.

Additionally they’re gluten free, paraben free and certified by Cruelty Free International.

We do not sell our products in China.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


Buldog was leaping bunny certified till 2017. What will come next, no one knows!!!





Dear Mrs. Nemetona,
all of our brushes are made out of synthetic hair :)

Kind regards,

your essence Team


I asked only about brushes, because I was not sure if they are all vegan.



Pretty Zombie Cosmetics

could  you be so kind and answer few questions for me,please?
1. Are ALL of your products Vegan?
2.Are finished products tested on animals?
3. Are ingredients tested on animals?
4. Do you check your suppliers if they are fully cruelty free?
5. Do you sell in countries where animal testing is required by law (China etc.)?

Thanks a lot.

Response was:

1. Yes all products are Vegan
2. No
3. No
4. Yes
5. No
Response came very next day. As you can see they were very strict, no words wasted, anyway they answered what I was asking for.

Zao Essence of Nature

Dear Bellah,

Thank you for your enquiry. Zao uses only natural ingredients and so they do not require testing on animals anyway, as they have a long safety record. If you want to avoid animal cruelty, I suggest sourcing pnly certified organic products which have no synthetic chemicals in to be tested. The Leaping Bunny certification ensures that we meet all the criteria to make it easy for consumers who do not need to ask specifics as it is all covered by the Leaping Bunny certification.

However, to address each of your questions:

1.Do you check your suppliers of raw ingredients if they are 100% cruelty free? Yes, this is regulated by Leaping Bunny

  1. Can you confirm that your finished products are not tested on any animals, not even on Daphnia-water flea? No, we do not test on any living being besides humans and indeed this is the ethos of Zao, that we don’t harm any sentient beings in the process of producing makeup. However natural products have a predictable outcome due to safety data., so it is not needed anyway.

3.Do you sell in countries where animal testing is required by law (China etc.)? No, otherwise we would not have been awarded the Leaping Bunny certification. Zao plans to open a facility in China to enable sales there, as domestically produced products do not need to be tested on animals.

4.Does anyone (third party)test on your behalf? Yes, this is regulated by Leaping Bunny.

I hope that helps but please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards

Lyndsey @ Zao Essence of Nature UK


Hello Lyndsey,

thank you for your answer.
It looks really good. Could you just confirm that in the point 4 ( 4.Does anyone (third party)test on your behalf? Yes, this is regulated by Leaping Bunny.) you meant testing on humans?

Hi Bellah,

 Thank you for your reply. I think we have crossed wires on the 4th question as I assumed you were asking if anyone audits our cruelty free status. The answer is yes, it is part of the Leaping Bunny regulation to have an independent audit.

 All products are tested in-house for reactions as they only contain innocuous natural ingredients with a detailed safety record and there’s no synthetic and possibly dangerous ingredienst with unknown side-effects. It’s just not necessary to test on animals when you only use natural ingredients and indeed, it is part of Zao’s ethos as synthetic ingredients harm the ecosystem and the humans wearing it.

 Kind Regards

Lyndsey @ Zao Essence of Nature UK

By my opinion Zao is cruelty free brand. Answer came next day. I have good feelings about  it and I like the idea that Zao uses bamboo containers which can be refilled again and again. Cutting back plastic pollution.


Castle Baths

Castle Baths is a certified member of Leaping Bunny. What this means is that we do not test on animals, nor do our venders, nor do we sell to any country that required product tested on animals. I started Castle Baths in 2005, and committed to the strict certification process in 2009 with the Leaping Bunny Program. I did my renewal in 2014, and I will be up for renewal again in 2019. I will submit my company for renewal and verify all venders for as long as I make and sell products. I personally only believe in the Leaping Bunny Program because they go beyond normal to make cruelty free more than just a statement.


  1. Are finished products tested on animals by you? No
  2. Are finished products tested on animals on your behalf ( third party)? No
  3. Are ingredients tested on animals by you? No
  4. Are ingredients tested on animals by third party? No
  5. Does any form of animal testing occur somewhere during production? No
  6. Are your suppliers of raw ingredients cruelty free? Yes and verified
  7. Do you test on animals when required by law? No law here in the USA for handmade personal care, I guess if the law said it had to be done- I would protest, stop making the product and speak up against such terrible laws.
  8. Do you sell in mainland China? By law China requires Cosmetics such as Spa and Bath products to be animal tested before going on a shelf when being imported- we do not sell any of our spa and bath products to China. NONE! With this said, I  wish to share with you what I am doing about the situation in China and the laws (China law has gotten better since 2014- but still the country has a long way to go) I do have a Pet product that is in the process of possibly going into China. The pet product is considered a clean product and not a cosmetic. It will go into their clean product catalog for import- which means NO TESTING required, because it is a product NOT listed for humans. Our goal is to help improve laws in China and protect animals by helping to make the public aware of what they do not know goes on in the background of products imported. Alex, the fellow I’m talking with wishes to advertise cruelty free with my pet product to help make others more aware of the laws. My goal is to help China stop testing completely!
  9. Do you have any certifications? (Please state which one.)

1 Certified Green: Green America Gold Business,  

2 Compact for Safe Cosmetics pledge to make safer products and have earned the title “Champion” from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics- only 300 companies worldwide earned the Champion title.

3 Certified Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free

  1. Are all your products fully vegan? If not, can I get a list of vegan friendly products?

 I have 2  soaps and a shampoo which has some honey in it and  2 bars of soap with Goats milks. I don’t consider these products vegan and they are marked as not vegan on the product page under additional information tab. All others are vegan on the site.

I got this fantastic reply and it came very quickly also. And I am happy to put Castle Baths on my list of cruelty free brands.