About me

Recent time:

  • I study through Coursera animal related topics: Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Edinburgh University)
  • The Truth about Cats & Dogs (Edinburgh University)
  • Dog Emotion & Cognition (Duke University)
  • Horse Basic Care & Management (Florida University)
  • I’m a proud member of The Vegan Society
  • The Humane League online activist
  • Peta supporter
  • Proud owner of a rescued lurcher Rosie and greyhound Annie who passed away in September 2018 and was  the dog from my logo
  • Fan of virtual animal adoption
  • Strong coffee and scandinavian music lover
  • Blush and lip pencil addict

How did it all start?

I was born a few decades ago as a vegetarian in society and place where such an attitude was considered as a not normal and antisocial behavior. And I was one and only vegetarian in my family, in group of my friends, in school later on and in work even more later on. Who knows, maybe there was somebody with same attitude around the corner, but rather kept quiet to not make a waves and not to be so visible. I even remember being bullied in job because I refused to change my mind and became one of many so called ‘normal’ people.

It was completely wrong to me. This was far, far away from my ethic code and feelings. I can’t explain better than I just felt deep inside my body I was absolutely right.

Despite of society trying to push me in to different thinking, despite of my family telling me that I should eat meat, otherwise I’ll get sick and die and despite of people making stupid jokes about me and my ‘sensitivity’ I decided to stand my ground and believe in my feelings.

You know, I always have helped animals in need, took care of them, heal them if possible. So how could I eat them? I love looking in to cow’s eyes, for me they are the most beautiful eyes on Earth. And the more I’m looking in them, the more I know there’s no way back, only forward.

As a time went on I learned more and more about cruelty committed on animals, about dairy farms, puppy farms, slaughterhouses, laboratories, animal testing for whatever purposes etc.  No wonder, I became vegan  three years ago. Back then I was using lots of cruelty free products already but by becoming a vegan my life changed. I put myself thorough lots of researches, because I wanted EVERYTHING I use to be vegan and cruelty free. I’m glad and proud I made this decision and I’d love to share with you all information I gathered thorough time, because they need to be shared.