What is animal testing?

Dave Navaro for PETA

Most of you probably already know that cosmetics, toiletries, household products and make up can be and often is tested on animals. But as I talk with people I see how little they know. They are shocked

to realize that for example batteries, condoms, toothpastes, cigarettes and food is animal tested too. I was surprised about food industry [just couldn’t believe at all] and I found out that additives, colorants, preservatives in food are tested and the more chemical ‘rubbish’ is in there, the more testing it requires.

Believe me, I went through so many products in shops and read list of ingredients. Some products are just chemical cocktail and some contains weird things hidden behind unintelligible words and numbers. Vegans, check the Non-Vegetarian Additives on: http://www.veggieglobal.com/nutrition/non-vegetarian-food-additives.htm . It’s very useful and you can find some of those additives in makeup also.

The most used animals for testing are rabbits, rats, mice, monkeys, piglets, dogs [especially beagles and in smaller amount greyhounds]. The way of testing is disgusting, horrible and unbelievable. Behind the closed doors there is application of different ingredients and/orproducts on animal skin even in to the open sores, in to the eyes, digestive system and in case of females in to the vagina [for example bleach!]. After this animals are watched for certain time [might different] and if they not die they are killed afterwards.

By the way, testing can be done on artificial tissue, skin models and on cells in petri dishes. It’s effective, successful and without blood and cruelty.

So, do you think now, it is worth to buy cruelty free products?


Few words about China

Sometimes you might come across brands selling products in mainland China. In China there is law that cosmetics coming from abroad must be tested to be sold in China. This means, products that will be physically in shops there must undergo tests. This doesn’t apply on products sold online!! And doesn’t apply on products that are sold in Hong Kong!

Let make it easier. If whatever brand is telling: ’We do not test on animals’, but they are selling in China, than they know about testing and are lying to customers!! Be aware of this. It’s a very common trick [you can notice this with Caudalie, Avon…..etc.]. They might also say: “We test only when required by law.”

However, if products are made IN CHINA and not outside, than testing is not required by law.



Cruelty free versus Vegan

Cruelty free brand doesn’t tests final product nor ingrediences on animals and doesn’t pay any companies to test on their behalf. They check their suppliers if they are cruelty free also.

But they can use animal byproducts and therefore might not be suitable for vegans.

Vegan brand doesn’t use any type of animal products. These are lanolin, animal glycerin, carmine, fur, feathers, gelatin, milk, silk, egg, beeswax, wool, lather, suede, hair, hooves, horns…

When cruelty free and vegan goes hand in hand, it’s the best marriage ever!