Fearsome facts about animals, Earth and environment

This is a page about facts I read in books, on internet or learn them in different schools. Facts, I think they need to be heard for their importance.

  • Suicidal whales – in March 2000 on Bahamas whales and dolphins appeared in the water, struggling towards shore. One by one stranded themselves upon the beach of Abaco Island. Biologists were called by tourists and residents and they managed to push few whales back to the sea. Yet seven of the creatures died there that day in a logic-defying, seemingly suicidal act. Similar incident happened in May 1996 on the coast of Greece. Twelve Cuvier’s beaked whales beached themselves and died too. They were young, healthy mammals with no sign of illness or diseases. Same thing happened in March 1998 in Hawaii when 2 abandoned whale calves and a baby dolphin were found by members of Ocean Mammal Institute in U.S Navy testing area. Officials found that dead whales on Abaco Island had suffered hemorrhages of the inner ear. This damage is caused by a sonic blast. Interesting is that in each of incident noted above, the U.S. Navy was in the area testing a new high-powered sonar system with ability to create sound underwater at decibels level over 240 [ note that JET engine is about 120 decibels !!! ] Ocean Mammals Institute says that aquatic animals are highly vulnerable and those with air filled lungs and swim bladder even more. Dolphins and whales are acoustic animals and powerful underwater sound can kill them by causing internal bleeding from ruptured tissues, or deafness. Mammals with impaired hearing have difficulties in navigation, feeding, communication and mating. So, deaf whale is practically dead whale.

( extracted from book Nature’s Way, Ed. McGaa-Eagle Man, 2005 )

  • Biologists believe that as many as half of all species on the Earth will die out in about thirty years. This is a fastest extinction in Earth’s 4.5 billion year history. And difference between prior extinctions and nowadays extinction ?? This one is mainly the result of human activity and not of unusual natural events.

( book Nature’s Way, Ed. McGaa, 2005 )

  • A Loma Linda University study shows that vegans have the smallest carbon footprint, generating a volume of greenhouse gasses 41% smaller than meat-eaters and 13% smaller than that of vegetarians.

( PETA.org.uk )

  • Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that when cows figured out how to open gate, they got so excited that some even jumped in the air. But on factory farms they are often confined by the thousands filthy sheds that prohibit their natural social structure, causing them tremendous stress and frustration.
  • Calves on dairy farms are torn away from their mothers within hours of birth so that humans can drink the milk that nature intended for them. The sounds of distraught mother cows crying out for their calves, who have just been dragged away, are regularly heard coming from dairy farms.

( PETA.org.uk )

  •  Over the last few decades, at least 2000 orangutans a year have been killed or captured and sold into the illegal pet and Zoo trade.

( International Animal Rescue )

  •  1700 animals is slaughtered in the UK each minute !!! It’s more than a BILLION per year. Condition in slaughterhouses are drastic, it’s not secret any more, there is plenty of evidence.

( acording to PETA.org.uk )