Ordinary cat with ordinary life, we could say.  Not loved by many-far from that, loved by few but deeply and truly.

What can I say about a cat that came as a kitten and chose to live inside of the old bell tower in churchyard?  All stray cats have difficult life and Luna wasn’t exception but she became friendly with people and it served her well.  She’s on many pictures taken by random tourists and I hope that she stayed as a memory in many tourist hearts.

How we met?

I met Luna more than 2 years ago and while I could be her friend straight away, Luna took her time to get used to me.

I’m not gonna write about daily life, it would be pretty same day by day. I rather want to say that in her last months I was with her as much as I could.  Taking her to the Vet, watching her losing weight and heading up to the last moments, that was our reality we had to face together.  I was told by Vet how much time Luna has so I was getting ready for “transition”.  I am glad I knew that beforehand.

Later on when August was turning into September Luna stayed in my home-in my shed, I must say because having greyhound with hunting past in the house would be deadly combination for poor Luna.  That time Luna needed even more care due to kidney infection and heart problems.

When she got better(and she did!) I released her back in churchyard to let her spend few more beautiful sunny days in her own surroundings.  Luna loved laying on top of 2 particular graves and catching sun rays.

Transition time

28.9.2018 I took Luna back to my home as she wasn’t eating for two days and was visibly weak.  That evening dear Luna died in my bedroom with me by her side.  It was my Birthday.

What now?

Luna’s picture is in my bedroom in lovely wooden frame. Would you expect anything else?

You will never be forgotten Luna.



Annie the Greyhound

Annie’s gentle soul

( R.I.P.  7.9.2018 )

It has been month yesterday ( 7.10.2018 ) since she passed away and my biggest wish is to get her back. At least for one, last day, to have more time to say Good Bye, to touch her beautiful,soft head, to see those eyes alive again.

Every day I am thinking if I’ve done right thing for her. I had to make decision and believe me, it’s devastating feeling. Dwelling in the past won’t help to anything but I can’t run away from those feelings.  With every new morning I am learning how to live without Annie. Memories occupying my thoughts, they are like a birds. No one calls them, still they return. My beautiful girl, if you have been so brave, I have to be too.


Annie  was my first rescued Greyhound. My first Greyhound ever. I fell in love with her since day I met her and there was nothing too hard to do for her. When she got sick, I was there, when she had bad dreams, I was there and in the moment of death  I was there too, holding her head, looking in to the eyes that lost shine.

Annie was elegant,old lady with manners and I used to love it so much. I promised to myself to become like her – elegant. This was type of behavior I admired the most and Annie showed me how to be this way.

I will never turn away from Greyhounds as I found dog breed made just for me. Something like “custom order”, sort of.


Annie and Greyhounds in general changed my personal world.

Thank you in name of Goddess Flidais for tangling our Souls together.

Annie, my best girl ever, I’ll meet you again. As when I die I want to go where all my animals are and nowhere else.

PS: Goddess Flidais is Irish Goddess of the forest who loved animals and can help with magic for support of any animal. It is said that Flidais was very good to people who loved her animals.


With love

Bellah  xx