Hi girls and boys,

If you are new in cruelty-free beauty area it might be confusing for you to get started somewhere. To make it easier I’m gonna show you a few bits I use and where I got them.

All items are cruelty-free and nearly all of them vegan except nail polish Wet’n Wild and Marks & Spencer eau de perfumes. I’m not 100% happy about this but there is reason of course. Wet’n Wild have many of their products vegan but not all. As I read on their website they work for goal to make everything suitable for vegans. Soon hopefully. In country where I live is not possible to get better nail polish than Wet’n Wild or Benecos [they are not 100% vegan also].Great Britain is the nearest country offering vegan nail polishes and perfumes. But they do not ship them abroad. They can’t ship liquids. Same story is about Marks & Spencer perfumes. They carry leaping bunny logo and are BUAV approved but are not vegan brand.

I searched everywhere and this is the best I can have. If you live in US or Great Britain congratulate yourself because you have far more options. Consider yourself lucky person. I’m sure I’m gonna open vegan Prosseco when I’ll get my first vegan perfume!

We will get there one day. I remember about 2 years ago when I saw Pacifica website. I was totally smitten. But they didn’t ship overseas. I never stopped thinking about ‘my dreamy Pacifica’. And now? At the beginning of 2017 I got my first Pacifica lip balm. From where? Great Britain of course thorough Honesty Cosmetic online shop. See? Things are getting better!

Last 2 years I was making my own perfumes even with water,100% essential oils and Amundsen vodka [ yes! It’s vegan ]. I must confess they’re not as good as I hoped. But better than nothing and I’m using them as air refreshenner also. Life is like never ending school. We still learn new tricks. Don’t we?

Displayed products are from cutecosmetics.co.uk , honestycosmetics.co.uk and Marks & Spencer.