Dear Vegan friends,

it’s not in my intention to write about vegan way of life here, as these informations can be found everywhere nowadays – thankfully !!!

However I’d like to share two links with you. They are:


List of non vegetarian and vegan additives

When I switched on plant based lifestyle I didn’t have smallest doubt about alcohol. How wrong I was! Finding out that alcohol may not be vegan friendly was shock for me! Usually this is the last thing you think about when going vegan. Isn’t it true?

With additives it was a different story. I expected them not be vegan friendly. I didn’t trust brands what makes food, let say cake for example and when you turn it, there is list of ingredients long like Monday work day. If they are able to feed us with such amount of things what you can’t even pronounce, than how can I expect them to be vegan? Well, I was right and yes, they are bunch of rubbish taken from slaughterhouses. Like different animal parts what wouldn’t eat the hungriest dog in the wild.

And worst is that many names will not give you the slightest hint of what they are or what they are extracted from.

How delighted I was to find handy pages about additives. I printed them out and keep in the drawer so I can occasionally read thorough those pages and memorize them. Works for me very well.

No doubt, vegans are saving animals by not eating them. Each year each of us saves 130 shellfish, 40 fish, 26 chickens, 1 turkey, half of a pig and 10% of a cow. 

                                 [according to PETA]

Well done, lads !