World Is Changing

Times are heading to the better future. Future is VEGAN!!! Future is cruelty-free as much as possible ( I hope fully cruelty-free )! More and more people is concerned about animal welfare and think, that animals should be provided with similar rights and welfare as humans. And that’s right!

I’m committed to animal welfare for so long, that I can’t even tell you what year it started in, in my case. All I can remember is protecting ants, mice, butterflies and other little creatures when kids acted violently towards them. I didn’t have a clue that time what I was actually doing. I followed my “gut feeling” as a child. I’m very pleased, that I developed into the conscious human being with respect towards animals and Nature.

Today, this is my life work. This is the reason I am here. ‘Cause all I know is that I am on Earth to protect animals and be the part of the change. The change that will take animal rights seriously. I am priviledged to belong to those human beings who feel and care and are conscious about creatures and World we live in. Thanks to yee all!

What about ANIMALS?

My first plans for this website were to educate people mainly about cosmetics and show them what brands are worth buying. I tried to keep the “animal side” little bit suppressed. Not that I wouldn’t care, but because it seemed to me like two things distracting each other and not focusing properly on either of them. I decided however that I have to give more room to animals. It’s who I am after all.

At this place I’d love to give full grattitude and recognition to the whole Animal Kingdom, but there are two animals in particular I’d like to thank specially for sharing our World with us. These are Cows and Pigs.

They have such a hard times with us humans. They are exploited beyond boundaries and cruelty committed to them is unbearable. Cows and Pigs are percieved by society as objects and their lives have never been easy among us. I love them the most of all so called farm animals. Cows eyes are the most beautiful on the Earth and pigs eyes have such a huge expression with human hint. Did you ever observe pigs eyes? Do it in real life if you get a chance. It will change your perception and the way you look at Pigs.


 The ” Humane Way “

The favourite words of carnists “Hmm, bacon” I personally consider as barbarian, rude act against humanity itself. And I will do what’s needed to change the way farm animals are treated because if you still believe in myth about humane killing, than you obviously know nothing about slaughterhouses or you froze in 16th century. And that is nothing to be proud of my friend.


  • There is no such a thing as humane killing!
  • If you can’t bear to look at footages from slaughterhouses, how you can bear to keep this in your stomach?

For all of you who would like to be part of change too there are some usefull links. Each of them serves a bit different purpose, so suit yourself and enjoy your reading.

Knowledgeable people make better choices!

Usefull Links


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